Cure-XF – 1st International Summer School on “Xylella Fastidiosa: detection, epidemiology and control measures”

The CURE-XF project is organising its 1st International Summer School on: Xylella fastidiosa – detection, epidemiology and control measures” –  CIHEAM Bari from 10 September to 17 October 2018

The Summer School is jointly organised by CIHEAM Bari (Italy), CNR-IPSP (Italy), CRSFA (Italy), UNIBA (Italy) in collaboration with XF-ACTORS and POnTE projects.

The 1st International CURE-XF Summer School objectives are to:

  • Provide basic scientific knowledge and practical experiences on different aspects underlining the complex pathogen-hosts-vectors interactions;
  • Promote research capacity building in Third Countries;
  • Raise awareness on the emerging threats posed by Xylella fastidiosa;
  • Support pest risk assessment.


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